Phoebe Tansley: Attacked Not Defeated [by Emily Jane Craft]


One girl’s story of tackling sexual violence in Africa.

Famous figures and celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Sean Penn have recently joined the ‘Bring back our girls’ campaign, fighting for the return of 276 girls kidnapped from their school in Nigeria. Islamic militants Boko-Haram took responsibility for the abducting the girls on April 14th and have said they will sell the girls on as slaves for ‘£7.’

One individual who is all too aware of the struggles that women face in Africa, is 23-year-old Phoebe Tansley. After working as a volunteer in one of the poorest nations in world, she witnessed first-hand the struggle women in Uganda face to be treated equally by their male peers. Phoebe has since set up a charity called ‘Attacked Not Defeated’ to support victims of sexual violence.

Phoebe was based in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, initially working for…

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