It Is Plain for All to See: A closer look at gender

by Robert Lutz

Visual poem capturing the absurdity of gender divides

“I see the lack of gender justice in our world as a real tragedy. I have written several stern ‘think pieces‘ about gender as a result.

This is neither the only approach out there nor is it the best or most promising one.

Let’s face it: the fact that the societies we live in vehemently insist on treating men and women differently because of whether or not something is dangling between their legs is completely absurd–it makes no sense whatsoever.

We cannot defeat an irrational beast with logic, but what we can do is draw attention to the inherent absurdity and force the audience to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviors.

My visual poem ‘It Is Plain for All to See’ does exactly that: it forces a confrontation with the unjustifiable rules and social norms that split people along gender lines (even if their own bodies and lived experiences do not comply, as in the case of people who are intersex or trans). Whether or not you interpret the struggles of the pencils and flowers as tragic or humorous is up to you.” Robert Lutz, 2016 


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