If Genders Were Equal, Alike and Respected…

A Poem by Laura Mundy


[Image souce: https://www.flickr.com/photos/antphotos/4226218448/]


Imagine a world where we had one less inequality

Where male and female aren’t polar,

There is no disparity.


… … …


We begin, we are born, yes – as a girl or a boy.

But what’s between our legs doesn’t dictate

who gets what toy.



Being a girl or a boy is a simple categorisation of sex.

It doesn’t dictate our daily life; it doesn’t make anything



It recognises the differences between our body parts.

But, how we choose to act, behave and play only comes

from our hearts.


Instead of gendered assumptions, we choose and we think.

As a human, do I like navy blue or

fuscia pink?


The girls aren’t forced into a pale and constrictive dress.

This allows them the joy of rolling down hills, and

making a mess.



For boys – there’s no such thing as ‘naturally violent’.

If they’re hurt or sad, no-one ever tells them to

keep silent.


The choice of football or ballet comes from the child.

Kids forced to take classes they hate will go

furiously wild.



At school, sporty girls aren’t bullied and teased.

Boys who like to dance are encouraged to twirl

on their knees.


And then come the crushes, love interests and flings.

Marry if you want, to whoever you want. ‘Gay’ marriage isn’t

a separate thing.



For sex education equally teaches it all.

Girl on girl, boy on boy – before they grow up

big and tall.


So that informed decisions, choice and consent

are part of daily life: no-one can claim a rape

wasn’t with intent.


… … …


If genders were equal, alike and respected,

Would there be gender-based violence? No.

Society wouldn’t accept it.




This poem describes an imaginary utopian world in which all genders are treated equally, and in which gender alignment or rejection is every person’s own choice.


I’ve chosen to talk about this topic as gender non-conformity and the acceptance of other genders is becoming a widely talked about change in our otherwise very gendered world.


I am very glad to see this paradigm shift occurring, as I believe the disparity between our current binary gender categories is a cause for so much harm in society.


I wonder, if this poetic world were real, could we achieve the elimination of gender-based violence by simply ceasing to see genders as opposite and unequal?


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